Great Security Tips For Your Home

Staying safe and keeping your family secure in a world where crime continues to be a concern is easy when you follow a few simple tips. For example, one great idea that often goes overlooked with regard to increasing the security of your home is to occasionally have your locks changed. One of the easiest ways for criminals to enter your home is to simply have a key or a passcode for your keypad. Prevent this from happening by occasionally changing your locks every few years.


Prickly Leaves

Another simple strategy that frequently goes overlooked with regard to improving the security and safety of your home is to simply trim outside shrubs and bushes regularly. Criminals, thieves and would-be vandals enjoy hiding in places where they cannot be seen. Reduce the likelihood of this happening by simply keeping all trees, bushes and shrubs trimmed back as much as possible. Alternately, planting bushes with thorns, prickly leaves and other undesirable types of things can also create the same effect.


External Wiring

Unless you have a wireless alarm system it is a good idea to ensure that all wiring for an existing alarm system is concealed and completely out of sight. Burglars and other unsavory individuals can easily cut or hack external wiring as a way to disable an alarm system or a phone system. Prevent this from ever happening by taking the time to make sure that all external wiring is completely secure, hidden and out of sight. It is also a good idea to make room in your garage for your vehicle as opposed to routinely parking your car outside. Thieves can easily access your car and your remote control for your garage door. Prevent this from happening by parking your car indoors.


Secondary Locks

Finally, enough cannot be said about providing generous amounts of illumination around the external portion of your home. Criminals will do anything to avoid bright lights and other types of illumination. Be smart and keep your home well lit both indoors and outdoors to deter theft and crime. It is also a good idea to add additional locks to your doors and windows. Secondary locks are a great way to augment an existing alarm system, further making your house more secure against would-be thieves. Contact FDC Security today for Tucson home security that makes sens

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